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TIA-Pakistan Signed MOU with EduTrust Education Quality Accreditation Association (EEQA) USA.

In October 2023, The Institute of Auditing-Pakistan (TIA) achieved a noteworthy milestone by securing accreditation and recognition from The EduTrust Education Quality Accreditation Association (EEQA), signifying a commendable achievement in the realm of education.

This accreditation from EEQA carries substantial benefits for both TIA and the broader educational community. For TIA, it serves as a formal endorsement of the institute's steadfast commitment to upholding elevated standards in education. The recognition by EEQA underscores TIA's dedication to delivering a high-quality educational experience and aligning with international benchmarks.

The accreditation enhances TIA's global standing, positioning it as a trusted institution for students seeking a reputable and quality education. Prospective students can place confidence in TIA's commitment to academic excellence, validated by the rigorous standards set by EEQA.

On an international scale, this recognition opens avenues for TIA to engage in collaborative initiatives and partnerships. It facilitates the exchange of knowledge, academic resources, and best practices with other institutions recognized by EEQA. This collaboration contributes to the enrichment of TIA's educational offerings and promotes continuous improvement.

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On the 13th of October 2023, The Institute of Auditing (TIA–Pakistan) formalized a Memorandum of Understanding/Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MOU/MRA) with The Association of International Certified Public Accountants/CPA Professional UK (The AICPA/CPAPRO-UK). This agreement was established to mutually recognize qualifications, training programs, and admit members in good standing through a specified bridging mechanism. Both institutions aim to take a leadership role in addressing the evolving challenges within the fields of Internal Auditing, Risk Management, Governance, Public Accounting, Financial and Management Accounting, Auditing and Assurance, Corporate and Financial Reporting, Business Finance Decisions, and the regulatory landscape in an increasingly globalized context.

The Qualification Reciprocal Agreement between these two regulatory bodies serves to increase their visibility and acceptance within the professional community, ultimately leading to expanded career opportunities. The TIA and The AICPA/CPAPRO UK share common interests in advancing the fields of Internal Auditing and Public Accounting, particularly in the context of upholding and reinforcing professional and educational standards across all sectors and the global alignment of these professions.

The CPA Professional (UK)

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