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TIA-Pakistan achieved accreditation and recognition from the ProfQual, UK.

In October 2023, The Institute of Auditing-Pakistan (TIA) achieved a notable accomplishment by obtaining accreditation and recognition from Cambridge Academy of Professionals (CAP).

This accreditation solidifies a partnership between TIA and CAP, signifying a mutual commitment to uphold and acknowledge each other's educational and professional standards. The accreditation process involves a thorough evaluation, ensuring that TIA's programs align with the high-quality standards set by CAP.

The collaboration between TIA and Cambridge Academy of Professionals holds several advantages for both institutions. Firstly, it enhances the global recognition of qualifications awarded by TIA, opening doors for its graduates and professionals to gain broader acceptance and credibility on an international scale.

For Cambridge Academy of Professionals, the accreditation reinforces its commitment to partnering with institutions that meet rigorous academic standards. It adds to CAP's network of reputable institutions, further solidifying its standing as an institution dedicated to academic excellence.

This collaboration fosters opportunities for joint academic initiatives, research projects, and faculty/student exchanges. The exchange of intellectual resources benefits both TIA and CAP, enriching the academic experience for students and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field of auditing.

ProfQual, UK

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