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TIA-Pakistan signed Mutual Understanding Agreement with with Institute of Financial Consultants (ifc).

In October 2023, The Institute of Auditing-Pakistan (TIA) established a significant Mutual Understanding with the Institute of Financial Consultants (IFC), focusing on "Reciprocal Membership."

This collaborative agreement signifies a commitment from both TIA and IFC to promote a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship in the realm of professional memberships. The essence of this understanding lies in the reciprocal recognition of each other's memberships, allowing members of TIA and IFC to avail themselves of the benefits and privileges offered by both institutions.

The benefits of this Mutual Understanding are manifold. For members of TIA, it opens up avenues to expand their professional network and gain access to resources, events, and opportunities provided by IFC. Similarly, members of IFC can benefit from the resources and offerings of TIA, enhancing their professional development and global networking opportunities.

Moreover, this collaboration fosters an environment of shared knowledge and expertise between TIA and IFC. It encourages collaborative initiatives, such as joint events, conferences, and knowledge-sharing sessions, contributing to the enrichment of both institutions' educational and professional landscapes.

The concept of "Reciprocal Membership" underscores the commitment to inclusivity and collaboration between TIA and IFC. It facilitates a seamless experience for professionals associated with both institutions, creating a more interconnected and supportive professional community.

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